Please find below the following interesting readings and opportunity to comment – applicable to the environmental field.


  1. National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 39 of 2004 – GN 1154 in GG 42697 of 13 September 2019 – Draft amendments to the National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations, 2016 – for comment.

Interesting readings:

Environmental law:

  1. Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries “2018/2019 National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report” (10 September 2019); and,
  2. Flatt VB “Will the Means Justify the End of Environmental Law? Environmental Law Must Undergo Reasoned Legislative Debate” 2019 9 Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy.

Climate change and energy:

  1. Webber Wentzel eAlert: “Proposed amendments of the National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations” 12 September 2019;
  2. Ambrose J “Global renewable energy initiative aims to bring a billion people in from the dark” The Guardian 13 September 2019;
  3. Beiser-McGrath Liam F and Bernauer Thomas “Could revenue recycling make effective carbon taxation politically feasible?” 2019 Science Advances 5(9) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax3323;
  4. IISD SDG Knowledge Hub: Mead L “Mitigation Finance Update: Solar, Wind Projects Help Achieve Climate Goals in World’s Regions” 19 September 2019;
  5. IAIA: DiGiovanni Franco and Coutinho Miguel “Guiding Principles for Air Quality Assessment Components of Environmental Impact Assessments” February 2019;
  6. The Guardian: Carrington D and Levett C “The climate crisis explained in 10 charts” 19 September 2019;
  7. Weston P “Mammoth ice slabs in Greenland could cause sea levels to rise by additional three inches” The Independent 19 September 2019;
  8. “Climate scientists prepare for largest ever Arctic expedition” The Guardian 20 September 2019;
  9. Ambrose J “Google signs up to $2bn wind and solar investment” The Guardian 20 September 2019; and,
  10. Cox L “Australia could produce 200% of energy needs from renewables by 2050, researchers say” The Guardian 19 September 2019.


  1. Carrington D “Air pollution particles found on foetal side of placentas – study” The Guardian 17 September 2019.

Water sanitation and chemicals:

  1. Sundier S “Trump administration repeals waterway protections” The Jurist 13 September 2019;
  2. Cockburn H “‘It’s unusual’: Hundreds of fish found dead after UK river dries up” The Independent 13 September 2019; and,
  3. Bendix A “A 25-year-old’s mission to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has yielded a new discovery — and it means the plastic problem is even worse than we thought” Business Insider 20 September 2019.


  1. Kockott F “Go-ahead for controversial oil project off KZN coast” GroundUp 11 September 2019; and,
  2. Kockott F “Coal mine next to game reserve faces legal challenge” GroundUp 19 September 2019.

Interesting cases:

Global Environmental Trust and Others v Tendele Coal Mining (Pty) Ltd and Others (11488/17P) [2019] ZAKZPHC 62 (17 September 2019)

Order of the court: (a) The Centre for Environmental Rights is granted leave to intervene in these proceedings as amicus curiae.

(b) The applicants and the Centre for Environmental Rights are granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

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