Enviroworks, as a dedicated part of The SHE Group, provides turnkey solutions in Environmental Consulting Services.


Enviroworks (Pty) Ltd., a leading established South African based environmental management consultancy is a dedicated part of the SHE Group. We deliver cutting edge Environmental Management Consulting Services in Planning, Construction,  Environmental Legal Compliance, Risk Assessments, Environmental Impact  Assessments, Project Management, Monitoring, Auditing, Mining Permits, Renewable Energy, Specialist Studies (Visual, Wetland, Geo-hydrology, Geo-technical, Ecological, Heritage), Social Impact Assessments, Water-related services, Conservation, and Rehabilitation. We are also in the process to expand our service offering by moving into Industrial Air Pollution Monitoring and Modelling to determine the levels of air pollution, simulate future pollution and provide solutions to curb these to comply with industry standards. Enviroworks also successfully completed the International Standards ISO14064 courses for Carbon (GHG) Quantification and Verification. Selected by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2011 as a South African based consultancy, Enviroworks partnered with this global climate exchange group, which encourages international companies to measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.

Enviroworks’ competitive edge is inter alia the in-depth knowledge of government structures and procedures that should be followed to obtain the necessary authorisation and ensure legal compliance for all of our client’s projects. It ensures work is always done accurately, timeously and efficiently according to the legal requirements. To further enhance this edge, we also have strategic partnerships with Biosaense, an accredited water analysis laboratory, on our premises, and also partnered with International Greenhouse Gas Experts (CMSE) in UK and Ireland.

All of the knowledge we have gained through our previous projects, and our ability to deliver excellent, timely and efficient services means that we can proudly claim our slogan of Today’s Impact creating Tomorrow’s Legacy, supporting sustainable development through environmental service offerings that will ensure peace of mind and Legal Compliancy to all our clients.

Our expert team makes use of modern techniques to maintain our vision of a sustained, holistic approach to environmental management. The cornerstone of our success lies in strong relationships with government, business associates, our neighbours and other community members.

We firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; instead, we borrow it from our children and therefore we live and work conscience of the fact that today’s impact matters as this is tomorrow’s legacy.


Enviroworks (Pty) Ltd. was established in November 2002. Even though the company was only born then, its experts have more than 75 years’ combined experience. This means that Enviroworks has a strong foundation in professional service and experience in the environmental field.  Our team is highly qualified and experienced, and work as one to make this company successful. At the beginning of 2015, Enviroworks became a part of the well-known SHE Group.

The SHE Group started in 2008 when a few expert directors came together to create a well-structured organisation, with more than 50 years of experience between them. They are committed to delivering effective and efficient services, which has helped them to create an excellent reputation within the health, safety and environmental industry.

At Enviroworks, we strive to go beyond the call of duty to make sure that we deliver only the best services to our clients. We have already gathered a notable reputation, having been awarded the 2012 Service Sector Award at the African SMME Awards, which was hosted by the Africa Growth Institute, as well as the 2012 Overall Winner for the Free State Province of the SEDA Small Business Stars, which was hosted by the Small Enterprise Development Agency.


Humanity’s activities have had an enormous impact on the global environment, and at Enviroworks, we believe that environmental management is the key to creating sustainability and harmony between everything that calls the Earth home.

In the industry and trade business, the responsibility to manage and minimize companies’ impacts on the environment is an incredibly important one.  International agreements, consumer activism, and new laws have emphasized this responsibility, but all business’ focus should not only be on what the law requires, but what is best for the world we live in.

Enviroworks has committed itself to providing cutting-edge, innovative and excellent environmental management solutions and services to our clients, backed by a professional, brilliant team of environmental scientists and project managers.


  • Strong and Efficient PARTNERSHIPS, contributing to a variety of services, that makes ENVIROWORKS, as part of the SHE Group, a One-Stop-Shop for ALL SHEQ legal requirements
  • A TEAM of EXPERTS in various fields
  • An in-depth knowledge and expertise in Environmental Legislation
  • Extensive experience in government procedures regarding legal compliance
  • INTEGRITY and a honest love for Nature
  • Use of MODERN techniques and INNOVATION to strive to SUSTAINABLE Development


  • International Association for Impact Assessment South Africa
  • South African Council of Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP)
  • South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC AIS)
  • Carbon Protocol of South Africa (CPSA)
  • IAP2 Southern Africa (IAP2 SA) affiliate to the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

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