National Long Haul Optic Fibre Infrastructure Network

MTN, Neotel, SANRAL and Vodacom in partnership, were involved in a co-build infrastructure for an optic fibre based national transmission network in order to accommodate the growing demand for transmission capacity. The proposed project comprises of the national Long Haul (LH) route which now form a national optical fibre network for both MTN and Neotel.

This network stretches from Johannesburg to Cape Town over an area of ±1725km. The network stretches over 5 provinces (Gauteng, North West, Free State, Northern Cape and Western Cape) and cross approximately 900 rivers and streams combined. Enviroworks was appointed as environmental consultants to undertake the Basic Assessment Process as the Independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner.

The installation in essence entails the:

  • Excavation or digging of a trench of 0,5m wide by 1,0m deep,
  • Filling of this trench with 20cm of soft sandy material,
  • Laying of 8 x 32mm- diameter PVC pipes on the soft material in the trench,
  • Backfilling of the trench with the original excavated material,
  • Compaction of the excavated material

Replacing of topsoil and re-vegetation if necessary

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