Section 24G for the Unlawful Operation of the Agri-World Recycling Plant

The Applicant currently receive general waste from the Local Municipality of Swellendam, where after the waste is sorted into the different classification classes of recycling (PET, Box, Glass, HD, Paper and Soft Plastics). All recyclable materials are baled (weighing ± 500kg) where after it is sold to independent recyclers across South Africa.

The Applicant currently removes between one hundred and ten (110) and one hundred and fifty (150) tons of recyclable waste from the Swellendam Landfill site. The activity being applied for created thirty two (32) new permanent employment opportunities, where all opportunities were awarded to previously disadvantaged individuals from the Local Community. The Swellendam Local Municipality confirmed that should the activity be ceased, the lifecycle of the current landfill cell would be halved.

The activity is situated on Erf No. 5172, Produksie Street, Swellendam and is zoned for light industrial. Enviroworks consulted with the Swellendam Local Municipality where it was confirmed that they want to support the initiative; however, they cannot deliver to a recycler not authorised by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning.

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