West Coast National Park – Kraalbaai

SANParks proposed the upgrading of the current day visitor facilities at Kraalbaai, within the West Coast National Park. The area is extremely popular over public holidays due to the fact that the general public is afforded an opportunity to witness the fossilised imprints of human footprints dating some one hundred and twenty thousand (120 000) years ago, which was discovered in 1996. Furthermore the area offers a wide variety of biodiversity.

To meet the objectives of Tourism Management, the site must be upgraded and enhanced with an ablution facility, structured parking and a management complex for rangers. This site has been heavily impacted on in the past, but is sensitive due to archaeological and rare plant species occurring in the area.

The proposed study area is three hectares (3 ha) in size. A wooden walkway currently leads down to the beach from the parking area at Kraalbaai. Soils are predominantly alkaline dune sands overlaying calcrete, which is exposed as cliffs on the southern side of the site. No permanent or seasonal wetlands are present on site.

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